Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Attempted assassination of Republican Whip - The Cold Civil War just got much hotter.

Also, attempted assassinations of 25 Republican Congressmen present at the baseball field.

Fortunately, Capitol Hill police were present and took the gunman down.

Question: Is the shooter a Leftist and Democrat, or a Muslim terrorist, or a Black Lives Matter SJW? The gunman is alive and in police custody.

It would appear he used a Colt AR 15 rifle with 30 round magazine(s) and a pistol of unidentified make.

The bloody civil war is coming....1.2 million killed in the last one.

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Unknown said...

The gunman is reportedly dead. How convenient for the Left. Now we cannot find out if he was funded by Soros.

The Left has been getting more and more shrill because they lost an election that they believed was in the bag. The lamestream media has upped the violence by supporting Anti-fa violence and "civil disobedience" by the left but condemning counter protests from the Right. The Leftist leaders have only fanned the flames of violence and this is the result.

If this had been an NRA member, registered Republican out shooting Democrats, the media would be aflame with condemnation and consternation. I again state that to lower violence in America, disarm the left. Look where most of the gun and other violence takes place, big cities ran by leftist governments. Look who commits most of the gun violence - Blacks and other leftist lovers. Once you get outside of the leftist metro areas, America is as safe as Canada.

The Left now has a quandary. They naturally want to use this as an example for gun control, yet they would have to use one of their own as the bad example. The shooter was a Bernie Sanders supporting, left loving, socialist, unionized bastard.

Since the 1990s, gun ownership has doubled in the USA, while violent crime has been halved. But the left doesn't want you to hear that. Now they want to change the term for gun control to "gun safety" to further their nefarious plots.

We will be safe when all leftists are disarmed. Not until. When the Right had an open-carry rally at the Republican convention before the last elections, how many people were shot? None. Thousands of openly armed conservative Americans carrying everything from .22 pistols to AR-15 clones to .375 H&H Magnum rifles, yet no one was shot. Not a single weapon was discharged.

That's because only conservative Americans can be trusted with the 2d Amendment.

The Obama justice department, in 2010, determined that Blacks commit 83% of interracial crime, yet they represent only 12.6% of the population. That's the OBAMA justice department.

Once you get outside the islands of the USA controlled by the Left, violent crime plummets.