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In answer to your question, the Right is pushing back against the Left in the USA - this is the good news - and has been for years - so far peacefully.

To begin with: street fighting, assassinations, violent revolution, coups, witch hunts and terrorism are not the Rightist style to change the political order.

We patriots are stand up guys in out in the open, not cowards who dress in black and hide behind masks, who throw feces, paint, pepper spray, bicycle locks, and sticks at our opponents during our demonstrations….

In fact, we bring along trash bags and pick up our litter afterwards….

No, we do our revolution by the more difficult legal route.

The Tea Party Revolution - The Second American Revolution - started in 2009 and we did countless peaceful demonstrations nation wide. We got out the patriot vote in 2012 and 2016. We elected a Republican Congress in 2012 and a super patriot President in 2016. We currently have a Regime in power that is changing every day the governmental power structure in this country by way of countless reforms/deletions unnecessary government regulations of commerce and our sacred civil rights.

In short, we have The Second American Revolution peacefully placed in power by legal means.

Unfortunately, the Leftist disloyal opposition does not accept the verdict of long established constitutional law, so they are in the daily action of attempting to remove from power our Radical Republican President of the Washington - Lincoln school, or kick him to the sidelines with endless legalized witch hunts, or MURDER him. 

The thinking on the Left is that removal of President Trump by any means, fair or foul, will end The Second Revolution.

I live in downtown Seattle. I can watch the frequent demonstrations from the observation deck of my apartment building – and since May there have been two anti-Leftist, pro-American demonstrations downtown. These demonstrations are happening all over the country – the recent anti-Sharia Law demonstrations was held in 125 cities. The Rightist demonstrations are growing and getting better organized.

In regards to the next stage of the Cold Civil War – the insurrection – We Rightists will patiently wait until the Left draws First Blood In Counter Revolution/ Civil War….or until they go “A Bridge Too Far” into the ultra violence that shocks not only America – but the world as well- when it happens….and this could be the assassination of President Trump by a Leftist - when it is clear to everyone in world that for our nation to survive we of the patriot majority had to strike back - “The Fort Sumter Moment”…

Then the dogs of civil war will be released and the outcome left to the Roman god of war – The Bloody Mars.

...and as we know from history, no civil war anywhere in the world is as destructive of life and property as an American civil war.

We lost 1.2 million military/civilians in the U.S. Civil War of 1861-65 and half the country - the richest part of the country - was burned to the ground. The U.S. Civil War was the most horrible war of the 19th century. It was so impressive with its armies, deaths and no quarter warfare that Europe sent many a royal member to observe from safety the holocaust, in order to better train their armies in the fine art of military massacre.

Did you know America invented the concentration/death camp in 1864? This was Andersonville in Georgia run by the Confederate army where something like 12,000 Union POWs starved to death in about a six month period. The commander of the POW camp bragged that his camp had killed more Yankee soldiers than Lee had at Gettysburg.

This was out of population of 32 million. This was in a Christian country that took the Holy Bible very, very seriously. This in an decent, old fashioned 19th century and highly civilized Western nation with its criminals suffering under the iron yoke of the Law.

Now can you imagine in the 21st century how much better Americans will be at military murder and off the books terrorism in the 21st century?

Say a prayer my British friend for your transatlantic cousins!

---Cheers, Ronbo

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