Monday, June 19, 2017


Fake news: It was a DWI accident and not a terrorist attack.

Strangely, we haven’t heard much about fridges, ladders or bees following the cowardly and deadly attack on Muslims outside a London Islamic centre.

A commenter over at Tim Blair’s place:

I wonder if Mayor Khan will now tell the Muslims that this is “part and parcel of living in a big city”?

Will he warn against Anglophobic backlash against all whites by Muslims?

It seems there may be no need.

Reliable Muslim witnesses reported that the van accelerated toward the crowd, but the front of the van and windscreen show none of the damage that usually occurs after impacting multiple 80 Kg objects at high speed.

Reliable Muslim witnesses claim there were three white occupants of the van, but police claim only one.

Reliable Muslim witnesses claim that the driver leapt from the van yelling “kill all Muslims” and used a knife to stab someone. Police have advised there was no knife, no stabbing and video shows what appears to be a staggering drunk and only muslims engaging in crazed yelling.

Reliable Muslim witnesses report a brave Muslim wrestled a savage knife wielding attacker to the ground. Police have advised there was no knife.

Reliable Muslim witnesses reported three people died at the scene. Police advise there has been only one death.

Just how reliable are Muslim witnesses? Could this just be a vehicle accident caused by a drunken driver with a van full of refrigerators and a crowd of Muslims refusing to stay on the footpath after leaving a mosque?’

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