Sunday, June 04, 2017


Free speech is not a problem with the Right - you Leftists can yell your lies in our faces all day long and we are okay - we put ear plugs in our ears and turn away. However, you people go postal when Rightist speakers come to the college campus - which we pay for as much as you do -- and do violence against Rightist speakers. This is where we draw the line...Free Speech - The First Amendment - means the other guy can yell back at you! The problem becomes a problem when you throw a fist in our faces - and let it be known - The Right of today - 100 million strong -  will respond when the Left tries to shut down our speakers by force. The police or National Guard should be present at today's rallies and stand between the hostile lines, because apparently the only way Rightists can speak in public is with heavy security. Yes, a terrible state of affairs. But Leftists remember this: Your neo-Communist street fighter organizations have drawn First Blood. And if it is a civil war you want - BRING IT ON, BABY!

Tensions are high in Portland as the city braces for possible violence at a protest in the wake of the stabbing deaths of two men trying to protect a pair of girls from…

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paul scott said...

They have not noticed the reality of themselves .
There Progressive "Love" is a violent Hatred,
Antifa is a fascist violent pathology to prevent free speech.