Saturday, June 24, 2017


The Pain of Racism

I was recently on the receiving end of some racially tinged hostility. I ran over to help a person who had put herself in danger. Rather than thanking me, she said something horribly mean and racist. 

I’d like to think that this was an isolated incident; but sadly, it is not. It’s more the rule than the exception, particularly these last long years of Obama. He sent out signals from the get-go that white people were the cause of everything bad in the world (as David Horowitz dubbed the practice, “Hating Whitey.”) Obama has said that the gloves should be removed. From what I have seen, they sure have, verbally and physically.

I was reading a popular online forum around here called, Berkeley Parents Network. People post anonymously about their experiences with doctors, the school system, and the like. You should read some of the postings on violence at Berkeley High School (BHS), as well as the middle or even elementary schools. There are pages of horrendous incidents towards their children. Here are a couple of them:

We get a report from our teen at BHS about blatant robberies at the bus stop at Games of Berkeley on Shattuck nearly every other day. For now, there is a group of boys targeting white male freshman. . . OUR CHILD FEELS HELPLESS TO HELP HER FRIENDS THAT ARE BEING ACCOSTED! NO CHILD SHOULD FEEL THAT THEY CANNOT BE ON A BERKELEY STREET WITHOUT FEELING SAFE AT ANY TIME OR HAVING THE ABILITY TO GET HELP FROM OUR COMMUNITY SERVICE PEOPLE OR DOWNTOWN MERCHANTS, INCLUDING GOING TO AND FROM SCHOOL. Please help by reporting incidents like these so we can stop the escalation of crime on youth by other youth.

Or this one:

My son, then a senior at BHS was mugged by four males in the stairway at lunch in Bldg. C. At first he was not going to report it, but after immediately speaking to his 4th period teacher, he did. The then principal sort of blew it off. I went in the next morning and was appalled at the ”political correctness” of not following up.

Now again, you might think that these are isolated incidents; but they are not. And the level of hostility and an open season of violence have increased significantly since 2008. Prior to that time, there was at least some semblance of civility, a superficial attempt for everyone to get along, despite how people may feel deep inside. But that pretense no longer exists, given all the racial hatred that has been whipped up the last few years.

It is angering and humiliating to be on the receiving end of someone’s racism. But it’s something else too: heartbreaking. When that woman whom I tried to help treated me utter hatred, it was painful. Tragic. She did not regard me as a human being; to her, I was an evil other. And, from this culture, she’s gotten the message that her viciousness was acceptable.

It’s a scary situation, especially for those of us living around here. But what’s particularly alarming is that no one will talk about it. In fact, hostile behavior, even crime, is excused and rationalized.

Why, I ask myself all the time? Is it extreme denial, an unwillingness to let go of the dream, even while their own children become casualties? Is it codependency? Masochism? Is it the Stockholm Syndrome, where people, through brainwashing, learn to love and exonerate their attackers? And also: why would anyone in his right mind (and with financial resources) send his children to any of the public schools around here?

I don’t know. . I’ve spent years trying to make sense out of things that don’t make sense. And when things are so illogical, and when this head-in-the-sand attitude leads to horrific violence and social disorder, we know it’s being engineered by the Evil One, who is stirring the pot of all the malicious happenings around here. And he is in the driver’s seat when someone treats another person horribly simply because of that person’s race.


paul scott said...

That sounds bloody awful Ron. I could not live in a place like that without a gun, and I would use it on the first attacker. The bloke calling himself Uncle Remus [ Woodpile report ] gives the general advice > for good health keep away from these crowds and bad people.
I think the health issue is both mental and physical.
it does not means chicken out on the civil war, I think it means live with deliberate purpose.
I would like to have a weapon in a dangerous area > Then hope I never had to use it.
But if I was attacked by political thugs I would want to drop them all quite dead.

And that brings up the next subject. In one of the Australian blogs it is suggested that the right> alt-right are all noise , and would probably not know where the trigger was.
That has some truth, which is bad, because it mean people now need to practice for war.
The writer was saying more than that, we would only be a force when we organised and formed disciplined trained forces.
In other words an alternative army.

Ronald Barbour said...


I think the writer on the Aussie is suffering from the Leftist disease of projection: The truth is the Right and the U.S. Government are well prepared for civil war. During the Obama presidency, the Right gunned up and ammunition-ed up. There are countless well armed Rightist militias out there, the Big Media never covers, who are ready for an insurrection. In addition there are 25 million Republican veterans like me who may be rusty with our military skills, but can come up to speed in no time.

Finally, there are over two million Active Duty, Ready Reserve and National Guard troops at the command of President Trump - plus a million local, state and federal cops.

So if it comes to insurrection and an attempted putsch by the Left to overthrow the federal government while Trump is president it will be crushed and the blood of Leftists will flow in the gutters of Washington, D.C. as they are being cut to pieces by heavily armed federal troops and police.

America - I'm proud to say - is the modern day version of the Roman Empire at its high point in the second century A.D. - It's a fortress impossible to conquer by open frontal attack from the inside or the outside.

Be of good cheer my friend across the Pond! If the American Left does rise in revolt it will be a "rat war" like that conducted by the IRA against the British government - bombs, assassination and attempts to rally the people their side. The IRA once counted their active membership in the millions, but at the end of the long "rat war" less than 1,000 were still fighting the British government.