Saturday, June 17, 2017


The upcoming ruckus

Good morning, all the CR readers. Grog here, practicing my pontificating.

First, I offer sincere thanks to KG and Darin for allowing me to submit a guest post. I’m not a scribe on the level of Dan Greenfield, Nicki, TL Davis, et al, but will try to be worthy of that quality of sharing words.

Realizing that most of what I wanted to discuss concerning the events of the last several days is, by now, common knowledge, I’ll keep this short.

All of us know of the Antifa clowns, those twatwaffle asshats that won’t show their faces and constantly screech they’re victims, but have no hesitation for physical violence against those who don’t agree with their crap. Well, there’s a nationwide call for a “day of resistance” in about two weeks.

Grog, I posted on this event several times on my blog and here, so I would like to thank you for starting a thread on this important upcoming event.

I don’t feel like a voice crying in the wilderness anymore.

As I said on my blog:

I took part in this year’s patriot counter demonstration to the May Day Leftist demonstrations, speeches and marches here in “The Seattle Soviet “that could have ended with gun violence. I talked to several of the marchers who confessed they had concealed carry permits from the state of Washington and pistols/knives/brass knuckles hidden away on their persons for defense against the overwhelming numbers of Leftists they knew would show up. This group is known as “The Proud Boys” from all over the Northwest [to include Canada] and called by the Left a “fight club.”

We marched all over Seattle holding on high dozens of large American flags for several hours, surrounded by dozens of the Seattle PD decked out in full riot gear who got between us – and the Leftists who counter demonstrated our counter demonstration with curses and threats of violence.

The march ended at Westlake Park, where we patriots stood tall in ranks saying nothing and watched as Leftists – many of whom were dressed up as cartoon super heroes – jumped up and down screaming like brain damaged monkeys trying to provoke us to violence.

After about half an hour of silence against Leftists who outnumbered our side by ten to one – we did an about face and marched away up Third Avenue. The Leftists seeing us walkaway went the opposite way.

Bottom Line: there was no street battle that day! The Seattle PD successfully kept the two warring factions apart, but truth to be told, the crowds were small enough to be controllable by a police department that had deployed all available officers to keep a lid on May Day violence.

My question is what will happen when the cops lose control of the heavily armed Rightist and Leftist mobs that are spoiling for a fight? Many of the Proud Boys I marched with not only had concealed weapons of many varieties – some were wearing complete military combat kit to include helmets, flak jackets, knee pad protectors, gas masks, etc. One Proud Boy went 100% U.S. Army Combat Kelly and looked like he was ready for hot action in the mountains of Afghanistan!

Ditto for the Leftists mob. After the last big dust up riot in Portland, Oregon. The cops made many arrests and found the “peaceful” Leftists marching against “hate” had all manner of weapons concealed on their persons- that is everything you can think of except guns. On the other hand, maybe the cops didn’t arrest the gunner Leftists in the mob?

There you have it, folks, the perfect set up for the first bloody battles of civil war: We may have passed the point of no return on peaceful street demonstrations – It is looking more and more like armed civilian militias on both sides are hitting the streets.

On July 2, 2017 – 154 years since the second day in the Battle of Gettysburg – Americans may be fighting one another all over the country. Indeed, the wisdom of Pogo comes true, “We have met the enemy – and he is us!”

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Gregoryno6 said...

Interesting times to be sure, and in all the worst ways.
The left are pointing one finger at the right, forgetting when they do so that three fingers point back at them. Will they run away when the bullets start flying in earnest? Flip a bully and they become a coward. That Berkeley staff member who was outed as a 'protester' lost his bravado pretty quick.
A few of the progs will pick up guns, I suppose, but whether they'll have the skill and experience to use them effectively is another question. A few hours putting holes in paper targets doesn't count for much against the experience of shooting when you're being shot at in a war zone.