Thursday, June 08, 2017


This was her brand; this was her image. It was bought, it was paid for, it was fed, it was built up; and now what’s happening to her? She is delirious. She cannot live in reality. She cannot accept what’s happening. She has been rejected. This is the most-cheated-on woman in America, including by her own party. If there’s anybody the Democrats — and I’m serious about this. If there’s anybody the Democrats owe, it is that woman.


paul scott said...

Excellent. I may be an optimist, but something tells me Killary is symbolic of the progressive swamp poisoning itself and imploding.

Ronald Barbour said...

I terms of politics. The Democrat Party has no "Young Turks" on the back brenches to take over the Party from the elders like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. In fact, it gets worse for them - the Establishment Democrats are under attack by their extreme Left wing under Bernie Sanders.

No, things don't look good for Progressive politics - however, they have a death grip over the Big Media, Academia, Entertainment, etc. the Big Institutions and its going to take "A Long March" thru the Institutions by patriots to turn them around.

But we didn't expect The Ruling Class of America to roll over and play dead...he election of Trump is only the first battle in what will be a long civil war.