Thursday, June 15, 2017


Yesterday, the USA almost lost 25 Republican Congressman to a free lance Democrat Party assassin, who were saved by the intervention of two heroic cops who charged the shooter's automatic rifle with pistols - and killed him.

Today, you'd think the Left should stand down and at least get rid of that awful Trump assassination play "Julius Caesar" with the actors in modern dress and a look alike Trump playing Julius Caesar. This in taxpayer funded Central Park, but they refuse to cancel their advertisement for Trump murder and president overthrowing....and do little else to defuse their vile hated filled rhetoric and violence.

The way I see it - "The Die Is Cast" by the American Left in the same arrogant ruling class manner as was done by General Julius Caesar, when he crossed the fateful Rubicon to civil war against The Roman Republic and it's head of state: Pompey The Great.

The American Left should heed the message of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar - the assassins of Caesar are run to ground and killed - and we know from the history books the Roman Republic was divided into the personal property of the victors.

Rome would rise again under on man rule - a dictatorship - where in effect - all citizens were the slaves of the emperors.

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