Tuesday, June 06, 2017


    andy5759 says:

  • Ronbo, I replied to Paul, above. Where I referred to a leader being needed. Now, more than at any time since WWII when Churchill took up the reins, we need a leader. Looks like the call has gone out. Let’s see if we get a sleeping giant to stir.

    • Ronbo says:

    • @andy:

    • I served along side the Royal Army and RAF in Berlin during the Cold War in the 1970s – and visited England many times – my impression was that of solid, decent and educated people slow to anger – but once the line is crossed – once they are mad – you really don’t want to mess with them.

    • No, you don’t want the Saxons to hate.

    • The Second English Civil War? Could be. The way to victory over Islam is defeat of the Establishment that includes Tories, Labour. and Big Business in an alliance of treason to crush the liberty of Englishmen.
      When will come the leader of the English majority? I ask you where did Donald Trump come from prior to 2015? He is there already. He is perhaps a wealthy gentleman farmer and land owner like Oliver Cromwell. He is perhaps a serving officer in the Royal Army. He is perhaps a back bench politician like Churchill. He is perhaps a wealthy businessman like Donald Trump.

    • One day this great man in waiting will have had enough – he will be one angry Saxon! He will not listen to voices of his advisors who tell he will lose everything if he dares come forward as a the leader of the oppressed common Englishman. He will fearlessly march into a television station and give a speech in which he offers his leadership to the English People.

    • Like America in 2015, Britain already has a revolution started. The vote against the European Union in 2016 has proved the existence of a British Tea Party. The Traitor Establishment knows this and is afraid. The reason they sanction patriots like Tommy Robinson is because they foolishly think putting to silence a few rebel voices will stop the revolution, but all that serves to do is make martyrs for the patriot cause.

    • Today in England and America it is D-Day once again – not the European Crusade our fathers and grandfathers launched against Hitler on the beaches of Normandy in 1944 – but rather, a so far bloodless D-Day the ordinary Englishman and American has launched against our respective Establishments that are Hitler Lite.

    • On this D-Day we have met the enemy and he is The Traitor among us. It’s civil war straight up soon I think. Victory or Death. The Black Flag. We are resolved. The Saxon is finally angry. We proudly raise our beautiful national banners of red, white and blue - and advance!

    • Alfred The Great would be proud of us all!

    • We are the last Kingdom of Wessex with nothing the cold sea at our backs and the ruthless Danes pounding us on the front - and everything forward of our lines is lost. 

    • So we decide to go FORWARD to victory.

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KG said...

I sure as hell hope you're right, Ronbo.