Wednesday, June 07, 2017


Don’t you agree the West as a whole is fighting the WW III with Islam the same way we fought the Cold War with Russia and China – and the 1930s pre- WWII with Germany and Japan?

The policy of appeasement on the home front and limited war overseas?

Think about it…During the Cold War you hardly ever saw an anti-Communist major movie. In fact, “Red Dawn” in the 1980s is only major movie I can remember. Ditto television. Seldom a television program with the Russians as the bad guys….even the James Bond movies quickly did away the Russian controlled SMESH (“Death To Spies” that really did exist during WW II) in favor of the hi tech criminal organization SPECTRE that would only work for the Russians for a price – a high price.

I could go on and on about appeasement in the Cold War days….the anti-nuclear marches….the nuclear war scare movies without number where civilization is wiped out and the zombies, mad max, apes or whatever come after the “Nuclear Winter” and the fallout….Remember? Recall all the peace songs by groups like Peter, Paul and Mary with a single theme – the Cold War is our fault – Russians and Chinese would settle down if we only held hands across the water in brotherhood and etc., etc., etc, PUKE!

The same sort of thing is happening today. Defeatism, defeatism, DEFEATISM! “Europe is gone!” How many times in the Cold War did we hear that crap? “Communism will rule the West: it’s inevitable?” over and over and over…more crap!”Don’t you see the Cold War is all our fault? If we just cut back on ICBMs the Russians will do the same!” Think back to the 1970s to how many times a day we heard that nonsense on television talk shows. The Russian were the poor misunderstood good guy – the Americans and the British were really the bad guys whose big military machines and racism made the poor good Russians afraid, so built up a massive machine to counter it.” On and on the Cold War Leftist propaganda rolled down our backs like Florida thunder storm in July.

The bottom line to my rant is that we older Crusaders have heard this Leftist propaganda line before during the Cold War. We have seen the Leftist Appeasement Card played. We have seen the defensive limited wars card played again and again during the Cold War conducted by various Leftist governments. This is Leftist playbook tactics that go back to the 1930s with variations.

Okay, what’s the endgame for the Left? In two words: Absolute Power over all nations of the world. In order to accomplish the takeover of the most stubborn of their opponents – The West – The Left always allies itself with the greatest outside threat to the West – which today is Islam and yesterday was Russia and before that was Germany. In order to accomplish this task that must first introduce a climate of fear into the West, of soon-to-be-doom, to make that outside threat to the West look undefeatable, inevitable. – oh, and the last thing – keep voting for them and keeping them in power so they can accomplish this task.

The real enemy we face – and I include myself – is falling into a mindset of defeatism. I know I get up some mornings and turn on the news and think, “Jeez, it’s bad outside. I’m doing good. I have money, a job (or pension)and roof over my head. I feel safe and loved. BUT THE WORLD IS FALLING APART!” Hmm? However, the reality is that it’s not over, it’s not even HALF over. We are still alive and we have lots of options and the ability to make them happen.

No, I’m not telling you all to be Pollyanna of Sunnybrook Farm and NOT concerned about dangerous threats, especially in regards to the Islamists -if someone tells me they are going to kill me, I take them at their word and look for defense.. (You can take action against them. We all can.) – but for goodness sake don’t be Cassandra every time our side receives a bloody nose and spiral into a mood of defeatism, and take that dusty history book off the shelf and read of all the bloody battles – many of them lost – fought by the West World since it was created by the valor of ancient Greeks who – always outnumbered – defeated the mighty Persian Empire.

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