Thursday, June 15, 2017


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  • KG says:

  • “The average New Zealanders enjoys freedoms that are the envy of many nations and the small country has become very wealthy – a world magnet for tourism and immigration.”

  • The reality in NZ is very different and somewhat ugly.

  • Perhaps a Zimbabwean or Nigerian might envy the freedoms here, but those freedoms fall far short of real freedom and are shrinking rapidly.

  • Massive tourism is destroying some iconic landmarks and immigration has of late been an unmitigated disaster. The infrastructure simply cannot cope and house prices in some places are out of reach of very many Kiwis, who are now being told by the New Zealand government propaganda about the virtues of crowded apartment living and tiny houses.

  • Many “immigrants” are simply using NZ as a back door to Australia to the detriment of Kiwis who have lived and worked in Oz for years without major problems.

  • NZ’s “wealth” is largely illusory and built on unsustainable debt, which is why the place is effectively being sold off piecemeal to China.

  • Apartheid is alive and well here too, since Maori are treated differently based entirely on their race.

  • Don’t believe the propaganda. This is a female-dominated PC country on a par with Sweden.

  • This is a beautiful country and most of the people I meet are kind and decent folk, but there’s another side to it which is impossible to ignore nowadays.
    • Ronbo says:

    • @KG:

    • Thanks for telling the Yanks the truth about New Zealand!

    • Americans – in particular – Americans on the West Coast – see what is best about NZ from afar and believe The sunny Chamber of Commerce/ Travel Bureau/ New Zealand government propaganda.

    • I will “Copy And Paste” your remarks about New Zealand from a native with boots on the ground concerning the real conditions in what many Americans wrongly believe to be a Pacific utopia.

      • Cadwallader says:

      • The freedoms New Zealanders have truly lost are those to do with personal sovereignty, personal aspirations and personal enterprise. These attributes have been hammered to death by regulations and clip-board Hitlers. Ask a New Zealand farmer about the strictures on his time-honoured business…fined $40,000 for not wearing a motor-cycle helmet, fined $300,000 to drain a useless swamp etc…

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