Friday, July 07, 2017



The young communist Merkel marching happily with jack booted Communist thug in the former East Germany.

Merkel is responsible for G20 rioters in order to embarrass Trump and America.

These are professional paid rioters funded by George Soros and other wealthy Leftists/and/or governments like Germany.

This is a television fake riot carefully staged and scripted to (1) Make the USA look bad (2) Make it look like there is organic support in Europe for International Socialism.(3) The riots are taking places miles from the building the G20 is meeting. The attendees never see the riots and are in absolutely no danger.

Merkel -a former East German Communist – is reported to have chosen Hamburg as the location to make it easier for her black uniformed Antifa mercs [storm troopers] to mass in the Baltic city with excellent train/plane/bus/ship/car connections with the rest of Europe.

Folks this is the Fourth Reich in full operational mode!

The European Union is a creation of German socialist politicians and their French allies. Why is the capital of the EU in Brussels? Did you know that Belgium was created as a buffer between Germany and France – neutral ground as it were – that was agreeable to German and French totalitarians as the capital city of the new European empire.

So Fat Frau Merkel has accomplished without firing a shot and in the light of day – the dream of Frederick The Great and Adolf Hitler – a European Empire ruled by Germany with eyes on the East – mainly Russia and the Ukraine – nations outside the empire with needed natural resources.

We are talking war. Russia will fight its traditional Western European enemies of Germany and France.

Once again history repeats itself and if tragedy is to be avoided, America must kill the European Union monster in its cradle.


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