Saturday, July 08, 2017


I'm not surprised that a bunch of brain washed American socialists would cheer a fellow socialist by the name of Adolf Hitler – who never excluded German socialists and communists from joining his national socialist German worker’s party.

I remember in one of my long ago college European history classes at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida, a fellow student asked the professor,

“What happened to the millions of German Communists after Hitler came to power? I understand in the first years of the Nazi Regime there were only 5,000 political arrests. I thought the Nazis hated the Communists and vice versa."

The elderly instructor looked over the top of his glasses at the young student and said,

“Many Communist became Nazis after Hitler came to power in 1933, and he threw open the Nazi door to the rank and file German Communists. It was only the top tier of German Communist leaders he arrested and sent to the concentration camps. In fact, Hitler arrested more Christian Democrat leaders in the early years of the Nazi Regime than Communists.” …

“Always remember, young man, the Nazis were a totalitarian party of the Left – The only major difference between the Nazi Party and the Communist Party was the limitation of socialism to the Aryans – the German people. This was what Hitler called ‘Nationalist.’ The Communists are Internationalists and equal opportunity tyrants regardless of race, creed, color, wealth, etc. The end goal of both groups of socialists are exactly the same: world conquest.”

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