Friday, July 07, 2017


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I’ll tell you how.

Declare a republic and draft a constitution that makes inalienable rights of freedom of speech, assembly, publication, worship – and gun ownership with concealed carry allowed for all honest citizens.

Then enact an open primary system with strict term limits of no more than eight years in federal office…make the individual politician – who is always assumed to be a criminal and watched carefully – legally responsible for his actions.

Restrict the right to vote and to hold office to honorable discharged veterans with at least two years of service…ditto policemen…firemen – and patriotic citizens who lack the physical ability for demanding federal service, but are willing to do some type of hard labor for the republic – like teaching school in high crime urban areas.

Make a requirement of high school and college courses of civic virtue and the duties of the citizen. The stress would be on the Australian constitution and the virtue of a free state under the rule of law, and equal time given to the various theories of bad government – with great attention given on the bad – to include socialism, fascism and communism.

If Australia would create such a free republic, in a generation the streets would be paved with gold- and good, intelligent, hard working and educated people from the four corners of the earth would put in their application and stand in mile long lines to become citizens.

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