Sunday, August 13, 2017


Note: Photoshopped picture - Where are the two cars ahead?

-car rams into vehicle and several people

-instantly backs up and disappears

-black tinted windows

-airbag doesn’t deploy so there’s no downtime in his movement, it’s a 2010 model so the argument that it’s an old 1970 muscle car and it might’ve malfunctioned is out the window

-based on pic related which is the current consensus on the vehicle ID, the vehicle is supposed to have a SUN ROOF, not present in any of the pictures

-hundreds of people and no one managed to snag a picture of his face

-drives off to a remote location

 -somehow magically gets apprehended there

 -virtually no one in that area

-only chopper in the air that might’ve taken a picture of the suspect mysteriously crashes

-most civilian/press choppers are advised to hover no higher than 200ft in the air and even auto-rotating down to the ground wouldn’t necessitate a Hollywood-esque explosion when there’s trees to cushion the impact

-main rotor wouldn’t just lock the blades instantly which is a safety precaution so that the pilot can at least have a chance to auto-rotate to safety, didn’t happen in this case evidently

Look at the signs and flags.

I see red flags, a normal sign of the Red Bloc (Marxist) Anarchists.

There are also Black and White signs that look like those of the Marxists of either the Workers World Party (Stalinist) and/or its fronts, ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) or IAC (International Action Center, led by former attorney Ramsay Clark). The leader of the WWP is Larry Holmes and Sara Flounders, among others.

If the sign is that of the Party of Socialism and Liberation (PSL), it is a WWP split off faction (mainly West Coast) led by Gloria LaRiva and Brian Becker, among other WWP defectors).

If the sign is that of, it is that of the Maoist Revolutionary Communist Party. Their front is “Resist Fascism”.

Then there is the Marxist white and black extremists of “Antifa”, a group that is a combination of the old Black Panther Party, the Workers World Party and anarchists.

We will know more later (but not from the mainstream press or even some of the ignorant conservative media), who was involved in the “counterprotest” that seems to have started the trouble.

Re Terry McAuliffe (D-Va) Gov, telling the far right extremists to “go home”, well the Son of a Bitch is a pure Democrat agitator/carpetbagger from Indiana, New York or It Ain’t Virginia.
He’s destroying our state and inflaming relations between white, blacks, immigrants (legal and illegal) and citizens, young and old, working and parasites.

If anybody “has got to go”, it is this troublemaker and his Best Democratic Machine that money can buy.

He is NOT a real Virginian. He’s like the plague, travelling around the country killing it, and then moving on to more victims.

This “Battle of Charlottesville” was a clash between old guard Democrat white racists and Democrat new guard anti-white racists – and was designed to fit the Leftist narrative that there is a large “Alt-right” of white racists supporting Trump and the Republican Party.

Also note the chain of command here: the governor of Virginia, the mayor of Charlottesville, the chief of police are ALL Democrats, so the police were apparently given orders to allow the clash between rival demonstrations to happen – knowing full well both sides were armed, armored and ready for a fight- which did happen as planned.

In regards to the “white nationalist” who ran his car into the crowd: First of all there were three cars involved in the incident – and video clearly relates all three were being attacked by anti-white Leftist rioters – and perhaps they were running around the streets of Charlottesville trying to escape the violence. Perhaps by accident they ended up plowing into the Leftist-Racist crowd.

However, this incident leads to another question: why weren’t the streets leading into the riot area not blocked by police and National Guard? A state of emergency had been declared hours before. One theory has it this incident was planned to happen by the Left. After all, the Democrats had control of the soldiers and police – It could be an attempt to cause mass casualties not produced in the earlier fights – which it did.

And the final strange thing that happened yesterday – why did it take so long for the identity of the “Death Car” driver to released? The police busted him within minutes of the affair, but waited five hours to release his identity – interestingly, the first I.D. came from Rightist bloggers to said he was a Leftist…Now we find he was a Rightist, registered Republican, veteran and white – perfect material for the Leftist witch hunt.

Like the old Buffalo Springfield song goes, “There’s something happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear, there’s a man with a gun over there telling me to beware…”

What is NBC hiding? Drone footage does not show the car that reversed and escaped after plowing into the near of the second vehicle.

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