Tuesday, September 26, 2017


AntiFa to launch the Second U.S. Civil War on November 8, 2017 in honor of the Bolshevik (Communist) overthrow of the Provisional Government of the Russian Republic on November 8, 1917. AntiFa is said to be training for “The Day” and collecting weapons, bombs, etc. AntiFa is said to number 32,000 storm troopers – far too few to overthrow the USA government, but more than enough to launch a nationwide series of assassinations of police officers, fire fighters and National Guard. Also, a wave of bombing against federal buildings and so forth is planned. The wild card is whether or not AntiFa goes it alone, or is joined by the Deep State in Washington, D.C. which could arrest Trump and seize the White House and other federal buildings.


KG said...

If true, on that day we’ll see the mettle of every militia organisation and every American patriot.
If it’s true and it comes to pass it may well be the only thing that saves the Republic. Kill ’em all and let God sort the bastards out.
(I have to say, though, if the response were up to me I’d run a purely defensive campaign against antifa scum while using the unrest to go after the enablers of this treason. When politicians and their families start dying, when the Silicon Valley fascists and their families start dying, when the media enablers and propagandists and their families start dying and activist academics and their families start dying, then you’ll see the “uprising” miraculously fizzle out)
So far this crap has been without cost to the enablers and encouragers and until that changes decent people will always being in reactive (losing) mode.

Ronald Barbour said...

Once again: GMTA (Great Minds Think Alike)

I agree, war brother KG - The Left ASSUMES they can dish out any sort of violence - and the Right will suck it up.

However, a massive insurrection that involves thousands of people, a wave of assassination of police officers, military and fire fighters - would be the "Ft. Sumter Moment" of the CW II (We are in the pre civil war mode already) - and I think Trump would react the same way Lincoln did in 1861, which would be to send in the Regulars and declare martial law due to insurrection.

Under martial law, a massive wave of arrests could be launched against those deemed traitors - and in CW I Lincoln jailed disloyal Congressmen, newspaper editors, politicians, etc. The effect of the federal government doing something like this would drive large parts of the Left into silence, as they would fear arrest. Trump could also open up GITMO to imprison high ranking American traitors. This would send a shiver of fear down the already weak spines of Leftists.

Anyhow, we see thru a glass darkly - but I'm willing to bet that when the body bags of Patriots start being filled, the general public - the silent majority - will demand the rebels be crushed, as they did in 1861.