Tuesday, September 12, 2017


The central truth of our time is the American Republic is dead - and waiting in the wings is an extreme Leftist Democrat Oligarchy, or the Man of The People, Donald Trump, a latter day Julius Caesar who can save America, but not the constitutional republic, because to do so he must become a dictator like Julius Caesar, who saved Rome, but not the Roman Republic.

Trump’s supporters can’t believe their man’s primary motivation is acquiring power. Trump’s enemies, other than Senator Feinstein, can’t believe how good he is at it. Neither side will recognize the real danger until it’s too late. Legions of worrywarts fret that an erratic, captured Trump will go off half-cocked and press a nuclear button or do something else almost as stupidly devastating. What should worry them are the precise calculations and bloodless strategies of the most ruthlessly Machiavellian president since Franklin D. Roosevelt as he further consolidates and extends his power. Given present jurisprudence, nothing in the Constitution stands in his way.

If you strike the king but do not kill him, by definition your position is weak. There has never have been a deeper deep state than the Soviet Union’s. It controlled everything: the military, intel…


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