Thursday, September 14, 2017

"Only civil war will fix this. All else is optimistic chatter"

  • KG says:
  • Only civil war will fix this. All else is optimistic chatter.

    • Ronbo says:
    • I’ve said so since 2005, when I noted on my blog that the steadily rising hatred from the Left would result in bloody civil war – and I’m amazed that after 12 long years of vile death threats made against Rightists - open combat between the Right and Left is just beginning to get started.

    • I can only conclude the Leftist Oligarchy has been able to control their less stable stooges, but at some point they will inevitably lose control – and resolution of our current constitutional crisis given to Mars – the Roman god of war.

    • No doubt the day it happens, the Right will feel a breath of relief, because after decades of attempting to change things by politics and legal means has failed…EPIC FAIL!

    • I mean we elect a Republican President, Congress and have a Republican dominated Supreme Court – AND NOT A DAMN THING CHANGES!!!!

    • “When those in power do not allow peaceful change, violent change is inevitable.”

    • Yes, KG, if We The People want real and lasting change in America, the good people must bend down and pick up gauntlet of civil war thrown at our feet by the Left – and let history record We The Righteous only took up the terrible swift sword in self defense.

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