Sunday, September 24, 2017


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Ronbo is back at his woman friend’s suburban house in Danbury, Connecticut after a recon and intelligence mission into the mean streets of the Big Apple – also known as New York City. The ever generous federal government provided myself and Betsy Ross (my woman friend) a late model SUV and two Secret Service agents as escorts because old harmless, fuzzball Ronbo is considered a “person of interest” (Class III)….

The one day tour worked out rather well – We stopped first at the World Trade Center memorial – saw Ground Zero – and did a visit to the 9/11 Museum. The tour there was quite crowded – and this was on a Thursday non-holiday, so you can see the interest in 9/11 is still high. The high point for me was seeing the pictures of those most foully murdered by Islam on that terrible day! I always tear up when I see those pictures.
Betsy – a devout Catholic and outspoken Patriot – wanted to stop at St Patrick’s Cathedral next to light a candle for the heroes of 9/11. This is a beautiful old church built on the European style like Notre Dame in Paris. After touring the church, we went outside to wait for the sedan and driver to pick us up in order to continue the tour. During this ten minute wait, I was busy taking pictures and videos of the street scene.
Then it happened. This attractive Muslim woman in a expensive pants suit ordered me to delete the pictures I had taken of her while taking photographs of the buildings across the street from St. Patrick. I told her politely that the law said that I could photograph in public. The woman – obviously a foreigner – kept going on and on in broken English that I “had” to delete her picture, which I refused.
Betsy got her fill of the conversation – and taking out her camera begin to click picture after picture of the Muslim babe – who by now was getting pretty upset and started yelling in Arabic to stop taking her picture…Well, at least I assume she was yelling that and no doubt profanity at the “Evil Infidels”
About this time, the Secret Service SUV showed up and our agent escort opened the door for us to enter, which we did, and Betsy yelled at the upset camel jockey – “Remember 9/11!” while taking a final picture of her as the door was closed by the SS agent – who pulled out his badge and told the woman to get lost, or get arrested for inference with a Secret Service operation. Ms. Camel Jockey chose the former option and withdrew.
We continued the tour of the major attractions on Manhattan, to include getting tied up for about an hour in the mother of all traffic jams in Times’Square. I must say the SS agents were very polite and helpful – these were the same guys who drove me from JFK airport to Betsy's house in Danbury, Connecticut on the 15th. If I were paying for the service – a car and two security guards – it would have cost a small fortune.
I wonder if the Trump regime is sending a signal to me to ask for a Presidential pardon?
Like the Arabs say, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

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