Thursday, September 14, 2017


Trump takes another step towards dictatorship:

The Left cheers this signature of approval to their first step towards repeal of the First Amendment right to freedom of speech, press and religion – but if you’re an ambitious president with adult sons producing what could be a dynasty of latter day Caesars -who wants to be CEO of the country – meaning dictator of the nation – freedom of speech is not what you want for the vast majority.

Yes, the Leftist Oligarchy is mighty pleased with themselves this morning, but like an old Baptist minister told me when I was a lad in Sunday school, “Son, be careful what you pray for – your prayer may be answered – and you may not like the gift you receive from The Lord.”

In this case “Hate Speech” will be determined by the President.

The buck ends at his desk, right?

….and Congress did ask for his signature….approval…Therefore, the president gets to define what “Hate Speech” is or isn’t.

Meanwhile, the ghost of Julius Caesar smiles…

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