Sunday, October 22, 2017


Interesting documents here in regards to the late Jack Idema [died 2012]. The documents reveal - among other things - that Idema had a police record going back to 1982, and the state of North Carolina had an active felony warrant out for him. In one of the many unbelievable acts in a life filled with stunts - Idema apparently traveled to Italy on his way to Mexico in 2007 in an attempt to obtain Italian citizenship. This is based on a post card sent from Italy in 2007 to Penny Alesi and his letter written to the Italian ambassador while still in Afghanistan. I wonder how long the Italians laughed at Idema when he showed up in Rome? So there it is folks: have fun reading about the life and times of Jack Idema - the self styled "Super Patriot" who, was, in fact an AIDS infected homosexual, drug addict, criminal and traitor to the United States of America.

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pennyisms said...

You realize putting up all these documents proves without a doubt, they all used me & my name fraudulently. Even when I begged them not to and to show me everything they put my name on. The fact that they got away with it makes me so mad I can't say. But they did it and they also knew the extent of Idema's illness. That they didn't tell me speaks volumes and proves that they were all hoping I would never be diagnosed and they would have everything. So sad that people like them exist in the world.