Sunday, November 19, 2017



Something I believe keen socialist aspire to create for themselves!

The longer Mueller goes unchecked, the more power he will use!

**Notice, the guy who Mueller was supposed to be accountable to, Rosenstein, is not doing anything, AT ALL, to impede Mueller’s unaccountability and ascendancy to greatest power within the US government!

Rosenstein is not doing anything to impede Mueller’s subjection of the entire executive branch of government!

This is terminally corrosive to the entire Justice Department!

While the POTUS is supposed to be able to appoint the head of various agencies, like Bush, Trump has been kept from doing so.

We now have a generational left wing Democrat weaponized Justice Department and FBI!

With the appointment by Rosenstein, of another lawless left wing globalist, Mueller, to the position of unimpeded “Special Counsel”, Mueller has ascended above the control of an already weaponized Justice Department and AG.

Mueller now has the authority to demand already weaponized and corrupted JD and FBI assets and personnel, to focus on his agenda!
Mueller is now moving to subject the entire Executive Branch to his authority!

This is not only involving Trump Campaign staff. This is spreading out across the entire Executive Branch.

Mueller has reached the pinnacle of arrogance, and will not go this far to look like he failed. If necessary, he will create very detailed and elaborate evidence to demonstrate his prowess and legitimacy.

One way he could be neutralized is to appoint an equally powerful “Independent Counsel”. In my view, this is necessary, as the Justice Department and FBI have been populated and weaponized by proactive left wing socialist ideology.

If Congress would act to stop Mueller, maybe this would not be necessary. However, much of Congress hates Trump and nationalism, as we are an impediment to their global socialist objectives. They will not do it.

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