Thursday, November 02, 2017


Hey Now, you Secret Service operatives are aware the Left is talking revolution all over the Internet.....and an event is planned for November 4th right here in Seattle at City Hall (The storming of City Hall?) - among many other cities and locations. The Left talking of the assassination of Republican leaders (to include President Trump) and other nationalist opposition figures to Globalism.
This in addition to looting, burning and in general running amok. I do hope the SPD and the Washington state National Guard are on the alert....This could be bad...very bad. Oh! And you SS troopers do know ISIS and ANTIFA have formed a terrorist alliance?
I will be watching and reporting on whatever develops on Saturday in Seattle. It should be interesting. BTW, my offer is always open to do a one on one video interview with you, or a spokesman for the Secret Service at my apartment. Naturally, I will have that person to sign a waiver, as I will upload it on youtube. The topic I would discuss is the role of the SS in my arrest, trial and imprisonment as a victim of Mr. & Mrs. Clinton and the Secret Service.
Inquiring Minds Want To Know!
Cheers, Ron (Ronbo) Barbour

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