Monday, November 06, 2017



1. We know for a fact that ANTIFA and other American Leftists met in Germany last year and formed an alliance of terror with ISIS….and from that incident we can logically assume they coordinated their tactics to bring down the West.

2. This year the tempo of terrorism has increased over past years. October First started with a bang in Las Vegas – The shooter was Identified as a registered life long Democrat and ISIS said that he converted to Islam. Body Count 58 dead, 500 plus wounded. Next was the ISIS murder by truck in NYC leaving eight dead and others injured. The attack was stopped in its early stages before a round of mass murder on the Brooklynn bridge. Yesterday the same M.O. – a self radicalized white terrorist with possible ANTIFA and ISIS connection mass murders 28 Christians at church in Texas. The shooter attempted an escape, but was gunned down by armed Patriots on the highway before he could drive to the next church down the road and execute them.

So in terrorist incident #1 and #3 – the victims were white, conservative and mostly Christians. No doubt most were Trump voters too – the very people the Left hates – the “Deplorables.” The ISIS incident was typical of one of their many terrorist attacks – they went after the general population.

3. CONNECT THE DOTS! I mean once something occurs it’s strictly happenstance – but when the same sort of thing happens three times in a short time frame, it is a result of enemy action.

4. PREDICTION: The early stage of a Reign of Terror in the West, but especially America – the main roadblock in the world to Globalism.

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