Wednesday, November 01, 2017


Islam: The terrorist  religion, or a religion hijacked by terrorists?

I have to disagree – America is allied to many Muslim countries like Egypt, Iraq and Jordan, who suffer more terrorist attacks by Jihadists than we do – also, Muslims are one-fifth of the world’s population.

Yes, I know I’m reversing myself on this issue, but the simple fact is that most Muslims in America are peaceful and productive – and many of them are in the USA for the simple reason that as moderates they have been run out of many areas in the Middle East by the Jihadists. I would point out that most victims of Jihadists are moderate Muslims in the Middle East.

So what is to be done? It occurs to me that a wise USA government policy would be to encourage and fund a Reformation of Islam. This religion is 1.400 years old and the time has come for such an effort – and its doable. The president of Egypt no less has said the same thing only a couple of years ago.

The Islamic terrorists have proven themselves very good at using Western technology against us – I say use Islam against them! An excellent place to start would be the Mosques and religious schools in the West where we can exercise a measure of control – find out who the radical preachers/teachers are and remove them. Then we put in our people. The West is in an excellent position to start the Reformation of Islam – and we could help it spread in the Middle East by putting into power moderate Islamic regimes.

Another front we do move on is a careful vetting of Muslims from the Middle East – those few allowed into the country. This recent terrorist in NYC came over on a Visa in 2010, which had expired and he should have been deported after six months. So not only do we have to carefully look at refugees and legal immigrants, but monitor closely Islamic tourists.

A third front I’d move on were I the Attorney General or head of Homeland Security would be to build a network of uncover agents in the Muslim community. We did this in a small way after 9/11 while Bush was president and the FBI stopped countless terrorist actions before they took place. The Islamic community is the sea in which the Islamic terrorist swims – and for years it has been a very friendly sea, but Homeland Security could change that by flooding the “friendly sea” counter-terrorist fish – and once again we would have the ability to stop the terrorists before they strike – and terrorize them with the idea they have eyes on them 24/7.

Finally, let’s take advantage of man’s lowest vice: GREED!

Homeland Security could offer million dollar bribes/rewards for information leading to the arrest of potential terrorists and advertise widely in the Muslim community. Also, offer FBI protection and relocation for those bold souls who turn in terrorists.

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