Thursday, January 25, 2018


I just sent this to my local paper though I don't imagine it will get published.
Thank you Lori White for your very positive letter about our great President! Such a rare treat in THIS news paper which is filled with anti-Trump bilge from front to back day after day!! I barely can stand to keep my subscription but it’s the one way to find out about activities here in town. Believe me, I pay no attention whatever to anything negative about the President, which doesn’t leave much!
The other day it was almost mind numbing…the entire higher echelon of the FBI and the DOJ are awash in corruption, a veritable silent coup is in full swing as the left tries to bring down this President, a situation that makes Watergate look like child’s play and what is on the front page of our “news” paper… headlines…”Dream Weavers” an homage to meditation!! You can’t make this stuff up!! Journalism? Don’t make me laugh!
Trump derangement syndrome is in full swing in this publication, it never ends, the letters, the liberal rot from the Associated Press, the so-called “cartoons” that trash this great leader and the unending hatred from the fools that have been completely indoctrinated into believing that that which they see right in front of their faces isn’t really happening.
I mean, how do you get through to people who spend 8 years watching Obama destroy all things America, the economy in the toilet, rampant racism revived, allies questioning their relationships with us and malaise everywhere, and in one year President Trump comes in and through sheer wisdom, brilliance and exceptional leadership he turns the entire ship of state around, jobs pouring in, taxes being reduced, paychecks increasing, Isis crushed, crime on the run, companies repatriating trillions that have been sitting off shore due to outrageous liberal taxation and maybe most important of all, exposing the fact that even our highest institutions of law enforcement are as corrupt at the top as anything the Mafia put together in our past? The “Swamp” is more massive than any of us knew. Yet these “Never Trumpers” refuse to see what’s in plain sight!! And then they’re arrogant about their stupidity to make their position even more nauseating.

I’m very encouraged Lori when I see the rare letter like yours that squeaks past the censors and actually gets printed. I maintain that people like you and I are in the vast majority here in town and across the country, though you’d never know it to read this dam biased paper!!
I have a custom license plate that makes it clear I respect our great President and I get nothing but positive comments about it. So stay confident Lori…it’s a new day…we finally have a real leader, a real American at the helm and I believe America’s best days are ahead of her.

Frank Barone

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