Saturday, March 24, 2018


It's beginning to look like for his personal survival and that of his family, Trump's options are either to surrender and hope for mercy from a mad dog Leftist Establishment, or to double down and become the President For Life and overthrow the reactionaries. When faced with a parallel situation, Julius Caesar opted to March On Rome and overthrow the Roman Reactionaries.

The question of the day is will Trump do the same? I would say at this point the American Republic as founded is no longer a free representative democracy where We The People rule - we are, in fact, ruled by an oligarchy. Thus the question of freedom is not operative - This is dictatorship, straight up!

Therefore, if dictatorship be our lot then the choice for the average American must for a dictator like Trump who reflects our nationalist pride in the United States. The other option being an International Socialism where the United States is just another country on a world map ruled by an Globalist elite.

That, or Trump himself is a swamp creature.

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