Friday, June 22, 2018


(CNBS) Trump-hating FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok who lost his security clearance was found hung to death in his bathroom this morning by a family member.

A suicide note was found nearby with the following message, “My hatred of Donald Trump and his supporters led me to commit high crimes and treason for Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party. Please forgive me people of the United States of America.”

President Trump refused to comment upon the tragic death of a man many thought to the leader of a coup attempt to overthrow the results of 2016 election, but a retired FBI agent who worked with Strzok for many years as his mentor said, “In the end Peter did the honorable thing to avoid further disgrace and prison. I suppose the guilt he felt for his betrayal of self, family, friends and the Constitution of the United States of America overwhelmed him after he was removed from the FBI building and his security clearance revoked.”

A spokesman for the Strzok family said the funeral would be by private invitation only and the Media was not welcome.

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