Thursday, June 21, 2018


(CNBS) In an early dawn raid by agents of the FBI and SS in Hollywood – actor Peter Fonda was taken into custody and charged with a violation of USC 871 “Threat Against The President” and other major felonies to include drug and weapons charges.

The federal agents who broke down Fonda’s barricaded front door to his well appointed home in the Hollywood hills were shocked to see the interior of the mansion, which were feces filled (human and animal waste) and with obvious signs of drug abuse to include open containers of heroin and cocaine.

Fonda was located by agents in an upper floor bedroom sleeping in a feces and urine soaked bed with a young boy and girl of 12 to 14 years old, who were taken in custody by Los Angeles child protective services.

Federal agents attempted to wake the sleeping Fonda but he was not responsive, so paramedics were called and Fonda transported to the medical unit at the Los Angeles County Jail where he is secured to a hospital bed under 24/7 suicide watch.

The U.S. Attorney for Los Angeles has filed federal charges that could land the actor in prison for life and Fonda is expected to appear in federal court as soon as his condition is stable and he released from the medical unit.

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