Saturday, April 21, 2007

Earth Day = Leftist Politically Correct Crap

As usual, I will be celebrating Earth Day by mowing my lawn (with an old, gas-guzzling riding mower), spraying insecticides on my fruit trees, and driving around to tour the homes and gardens. You can celebrate Earth Day by checking out a new batch of salvos against the global warming hysteria.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute, a pro-free-market think tank, has answered Gore with its own slide-show documentary, An Inconvenient Truth or Convenient Fiction?, which is reviewed in the Weekly Standard and even given a non-hostile treatment in a New York Times article.

The film is unlikely to make it to local theaters, but this being the 21st century, it is also available on the Web at

Below, I link to a short article by Sally Pipes arguing against parts of the global warming hysteria.

As a political side note, Deroy Murdock makes the case for Rudy Giuliani as a politician who will be willing to take on the environmentalists, pointing out that Giuliani justified spraying insecticides in New York City to stop an outbreak of the West Nile Virus on the grounds that "danger to human life is more important than birds, fish, and insects," and he supported the construction of new power plants in the city by proclaiming that it is "fundamentally a good thing" that New Yorkers consume more electricity. Amen to both of those statements.

Another article points out an odd unintended consequence of the global warming hysteria: even Democratic candidate for 2008 (with the exception of the increasingly far-left John Edwards) are coming out in favor of building more nuclear power plants.

"We're Not Going to Melt," Sally Pipes, National Review Online, April 20 Those who claim that we’re racing towards a fiery apocalypse are simply not basing their views on science. In fact, some scientists are now hypothesizing that we’ll see a cooling period in the near future, as we saw from 1940 to 1975.

So what are the facts?

As for hard data, the growth in carbon emissions is far slower than ecodoomsters would have us believe. Since monitoring began in the 1950s, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has grown by 0.41 percent per year, with only a slight uptick in the rate of change after economic development became widespread in the 1980s….

But even if global warming isn’t the nightmare it’s cracked up to be, one question remains: Is the environment getting better or worse? No one can say for sure. But actual environmental data from the past year or two show some promising improvements….

Since the EPA first started monitoring (and regulating) air pollutants some 30 years ago, concentrations of particulates like carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides have dropped precipitously. This has contributed to lower levels of ozone, a pollutant that disrupts breathing and traps heat when present in the troposphere, or the part of the atmosphere closest to the ground. In fact, ozone levels last year were the second lowest—after 2004—since the 1970s.

So let’s celebrate this Earth Day with a sigh of relief. Reports of the apocalypse have been greatly exaggerated.

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