Friday, April 20, 2007

Frank Amodeo And Mirabilis: Mr. X, The Hero And Patriot

In a recent Email, a source of information states:

I know the man who has been fighting Frank Amodo almost single handily. He has found many allies but they have definitely been earned. It was not until Jim Leusner and him talked that Jim wrote the first set of stories.

The Matrix Group (Dozens of Matrix's on corporations online) - Amodeo threw both of his companies into Bankruptcy (forged signatures) where the judge advised both parties to refrain from filing additional suits during the bankruptcy.They (Matrix Bank- aka Amodeo) gave the bankruptcy work to lawyer who was profiting from all of the created bankruptcies. Peter Hill (Orlando) was definitely answering to Frank Amodeo as he crashed the companies further. He failed to file a plan timely and sent the first facility of the man into the hands of the creditors (including of course Primary Bookkeeping and Matrix - aka Amodeo).

Much information on this has been shared with:

---FBI (Dan Webster) - (who failed to show up for a sting during the takeover as agreed).
---The Secret Service - Shelley Gray Special Agent 407-648-6333
---Dozens of Senators and Representatives :Richardson, Nelson
---Charlie Christ - (who was to busy to pay attention to stolen employee health monies)
---The local State's Attorney - John Tanner - (Who said it was way to big for him.)
---The State's Attorney Fraud Investigator - Fran Monaco* 386-239-7838 386-252-0091

* Fran Monaco has fought hard alongside this man. But they have only been able to defend against the Amodeo team of lawyers attacks and have not been able to launch a counter offensive.

This has been an amazing fight. With this man holding his own against Amodeo and his legions of lawyers. I have fought with him and continue to do so. This is a very, very dangerous group. This man had his parents threatened when he began to fight as opposed to allowing them to go unchallenged.
As usual this humble blogger does his duty by passing the information on to the public. I have no means to verify the accuracy of this article; however, it does have an air of objectivity about it and may will be fact. One thing is for certain: There was a certain someone, a prime mover, who first blew the whistle that got the attention of "The Orlando Sentinel" that produced the first in the series articles on Mirabilis last year.
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