Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Day By Day Wednesday


Anonymous said...

Great blog I visit every day. As a Londoner why should I?
Because I grew up with Clint, Bruce, Arnie and the boys saving the world, that's why!
As the UK stumbled evermore into the clutches of the Dark Side through welfare benefits to the "professional poor" (going back 5 generations)the American/Quaker Dream kept me sane.

The Conservatives (Tories) of the UK used to be the same.
We have no "Right Wing" anymore but the BNP , who thank God are finally making inroads since the Left's Big 3 Lib/Lab/Con are all singing from the same hymn sheet re the "POOR", ie, a static voting base to be kept ever grateful and dependent on The State.
I see some yanks are about to elect the smiling/giving/loving destruction of America, just as we on the "Far" Right, (but in effect the only Right) are rising around Europe?
Lets have a party, catch up on the old cousins?
Start your own legal Democratic Party For Real Change?
I suggest the ANP the American National Party?
Well you seem stuck between a rock and a hard place?
heres a link you might have seen, how those who"enrich" us have ended up with impunity to kill us.
Worth seeing how it will end up for you.
Love Helena XXXX

Ronbo said...

Thanks Helena for the words of encouragement and support!

Yes, America's Mother Country has had a rotten run of luck of late with her politics dominated by a single Internationalist Left philosophy. If I were a Briton I'd be a proud card carrying member of the BNP.

Interesting you mention a proposed "American National Party." In the 1970s while I was in Berlin with U.S. Army Military Intelligence, a group of like minded patriotic soldiers which I was a member talked seriously about the creation of a new American political party. We finally settled on calling ours the American National Party, believe it or not!

I was charged with the creation of a party platform and with a few changes, it met with approval. In my travels I lost that notebook and the friends were posted elsewhere and over the years I lost contact with them, I think we were on to something good.

Fast forward to the present time. What happened in Britain is happening even as we speak today in America. Yes, the time has come for the creation of an American National Party (ANP)Since no one else seems to be interested in getting this project off the ground, I guess I'll step up to the role.

Of course, what I have in mind will be modified from the British model for American politics; however, the core idea will be the same: a political party that puts the best interests of the Nation first.

Respectfully Yours, Ronbo