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Left-Wingers and the People Who Hate Them
Burt Prelutsky—8/6/10

Now I know how liberals felt 40 years ago when they failed to make the cut on Richard Nixon's notorious enemies list. Even after reading Townhall magazine's list of the 100 Americans the Left Hates the Most, and checking it twice, I didn't find my name mentioned. The ground rules were that you had to be living and you had to be American, which were the reasons, the editors took pains to point out, that Ronald Reagan, William F. Buckley, Mark Steyn and the Pope, weren't included, but would hardly explain my own absence.

I can only assume that Michael Barone nosed me out for the final slot. In fact, at the top of my wish list is that after the November elections, there will be about 65 million of us tied for 101st place.

Even if I was beaten out by a bunch of Republican politicians and media pundits, it doesn't prevent me from being at or near the top of the list when it comes to those who most despise liberals. For instance, how can the folks in New York City continue re-electing a yutz like Michael Bloomberg? It was he, let us never forget, who confidently predicted that the Times Square bomber would turn out to be "a home-grown, maybe a mentally-deranged person or somebody with a political agenda that doesn't like the health bill or something." His lack of speaking skills aside, did anyone notice that he never said "Me bad" or words to that effect when Islamic terrorist Faisal Shahzad, and not some elderly conservative pharmacist from Nebraska, was escorted off the Dubai-bound jetliner? For the record, I don't believe the authorities ever asked Mr. Shahzad how he felt about ObamaCare.

Very often, I hear from readers complaining about the crooks, crumbs and left-wing chumps, who theoretically represent them in Washington. I can empathize, but nobody has better reason to complain than yours truly. Not only are my senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, otherwise known as Dumb and Dumber, but my congressman is Brad Sherman. In case his name isn't quite as familiar as that of his friend and colleague, Henry Waxman, I'll remind you that Sherman is the cluck who joined Waxman and 73 of their congressional cronies in voting to continue federal funding of ACORN even after the infamous tapes exposed the group as a willing, even eager, co-conspirator in criminal activities involving under-age Latina prostitutes.

More recently, Rep. Sherman held a Townhall meeting and raised a firestorm when he initially denied that the Justice Department had decided that it would refuse to prosecute black-on-white civil rights cases. Once his more vocal constituents let him know about the New Black Panther case, he insisted that he'd never heard of it. Which meant, among other things, that he was unaware that Department of Justice official J. Christian Adams had resigned over the issue so that he would be free to give sworn testimony before the Civil Rights Commission.

When he was then asked how it was possible that he was totally unaware of the facts, which had been well-covered by Fox News, the Drudge Report and on any number of blogs and talk radio shows, Sherman blithely announced that he hadn't come across the news in any of his regular sources, which included the L.A. Times, the Economist, Newsweek, the L.A. Daily News, the Congressional Quarterly and the National Journal. Frankly, I was surprised not to see the New York Times or the Washington Post mentioned, and I suspect he doesn't actually read the Economist, either, but decided the rest of his reading list wasn't very impressive and might lead Katie Couric to make fun of him.

Unlike Ms. Couric, I would never stoop to that sort of ridicule. Instead, I'll simply point out that if you call this schmuck a pinhead, it's not an insult, it's the literal truth. A while back, my wife and I actually attended one of his Townhall meetings and I was shocked to discover that not only is he even dumber and smarmier in person than he is on TV, but he has the tiniest head I have ever seen on a grown-up. It's as if he had been captured by pygmies who decided to shrink his head while it was still attached to his neck, but were then interrupted halfway through the process. Unfortunately, that was before they got to the really good part where they sew up their victim's mouth.

Still, as we all know, it's not just liberal politicians and media propagandists who give us all so much reason to despise them. Not too long ago, we had Michelle Obama, pausing in her mission to take candy from America's babies, visit the oil-smeared Gulf and tell Americans how pristine the beaches are, and how we should all go there on our summer vacations. That came right around the time we all learned that the Obamas were taking theirs in Maine, which is about as far from Florida and Louisiana as you can get without vacationing in Nova Scotia.

If I remember correctly, she also insisted that we should all become better Americans by learning to speak Spanish, not that she or Barack had any such plans. This woman hands out so much bull hockey, I'm even beginning to wonder if she feeds Malia and Natasha Cocoa Pops for breakfast.

Just before taking off for Maine, our First Lady found the time to make an appearance at the NAACP convention and lead the left-wing rabble-rousers in a chorus of blame whitey. Somehow, when the president is black, his wife is black, his attorney general is black and his friend, Oprah Winfrey, is not only black, but probably the richest woman in the country, it strikes me as fatuous, if not downright loony, to keep insisting that America is a nation of bigots.

For sheer gall, it's hard to beat the NAACP, a group dedicated to a racist agenda, having the gall to condemn the Tea Party movement as racist. It strikes me as an obvious attempt on the part of the black pot to besmirch the innocent kettle.

Mr. Prelutsky lives and writes in the San Fernando Valley.

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