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Confederate Memorial Day: Second Civil War Brewing?

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Blogger Guy in Ohio said...

The difference, the way I see it, is that this time, the split won't be geographical. It will be philosophical. Since the two sides are completely and thoroughly mixed throughout the country, this time, things could be far more devastating ...

@Guy in Ohio:

I agree.

A Second U.S. Civil War - if it happens - will be horrible beyond belief! Twice in the short history of this nation (The American Revolution was also a civil war between the Tory supporters of King George and the Patriots) Americans have killed Americans, seized their property, looted, raped, murdered, etc.

War is hell on earth, as General Sherman noted, but civil war the most terrible type of conflict.

However, the USA is headed once more for civil conflict, as the hatred of the Left for their opposition is building beneath the ground like a volcano getting ready to blow. Don't believe me? Look at the Leftist hate speech and death threats directed at Sarah Palin. This politician is simply the latest object (It used to be Bush)for the Leftist hate directed against ALL members of their opposition.

Yes, this includes you and me!

The Left hates us all with white hot rage and wants us all silent and dead!

We patriots tend to think of our main enemy as foreign Islamic terrorists like the late Bin Laden.

Please be advised that the American Left's main enemies are their own fellow countrymen.

This hatred can only end in violence. The creation of the TPM (Tea Party Movement) in 2009 was the signal that the age of compromise is over. So far the second civil war has been a bloodless affair of propaganda and elections. I think this is about to change in 2012 if the TPM sweeps the Left out of power on a national level.

If this happens, especially if a stalwart Republican like Sarah Palin is elected president, it will be tantamount to Lincoln being elected in 1860. The Leftist American Ruling Class - like the pre- U.S. Civil War Southern Ruling Class that controlled the federal government - will know the hand writing is on the wall; that their days as the dominant political and cultural force in America are coming to end. The only option at hand when non-violent means to stay in power fail is violence.Blogger

Blogger Guy In Ohio said...

Ronbo, I often comment on another blog I like, The Coffee Shop, which is right-leaning, but by no means hard right blog, hosted by a woman in California. It's always been a good place to go for news of the day, and reasonable commentary and discussion of current events.

Lately, some lefty with an axe to grind linked his blog to hers, targeting her as a racist and a hater, just because she has posted things that are critical of Obama and his administration. Now, the leftists that frequent his blog troll her blog on a daily basis.

They come there and spew their vulgarity, hatred, bitterness, and accusations of bigotry and racism indiscriminately throughout the comment sections, blindly attacking anyone who dares to voice any opinion they don't agree with.

It's gotten to the point where I often wonder if these people are mentally stable. I've pulled back on my comments of late, for fear that one of these morons might lose it and wind up hurting someone. I'm not worried about myself. I can take care of myself. But, I'd hate to think that their wives or children might wind up bearing the brunt of their anger, so when I wind up in a discussion with someone that I think is becoming irrational to the point of possible violence, I just drop it.

I guess my point is that, as you say, tensions between left and right seem to be approaching a flash point. The divide between left and right is slowly evolving into a solid hatred. If something doesn't happen soon to unite us, it's pretty obvious what's going to happen ...

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