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Investigative reporter/journalist/publisher for "The Freedom Fighter's Journal"

When doing nonfiction muckraking journalism - as happened during the Mirabilis Affair in Orlando, Florida during 2007 - it is important to inform the gentle readers of this blog concerning its owner's background. Ronald Gene Barbour "Ronbo" is a Floridian and decorated former professional soldier. He served in U.S Army Military Intelligence with tours of duty in the hot and cold wars that swept the planet in decades of the 1960s, 70s and 80s. Ronbo was an American political prisoner in the Federal Gulag for over four years in 1990s, the victim of a U.S. Secret Service run amok. Currently, he is a Tea Party revolutionary activist, writer and investigative journalist somewhere out West in the USA who is considered a National Security Person Of Interest by Homeland Security.

Furthermore, this writer-journalist-revolutionary, a modern day American patriot version of Russian Revolution traitor-writer Jack Reed, has since 2009 went on a tour of duty in the great American West from his native Florida in the vocation of investigative journalist doing countless interviews with people on both sides of the already in progress Second American Revolution. These folks vary from penniless UCLA degreed young self styled "Red Guards" living in the streets of San Diego to wealthy Tea Party patriot Mormons in mansions on the mountain above the Utah state capitol building in Salt Lake City.

Of course, the people interviewed by this writer are only a small part of the vast American audience watching the revolution on stage progress to "Act III" by mean of daily in events - small and large - that will change America to into a different country in the next ten years. This new nation will either be a free republic supported by the capitalist economy of Ayn Rand producers, or the United States Socialist States of America under the iron boot of the "New Philosophy Kings" like Obama who will enslave the producers by direct or implicit force to be the slaves of their parasite masters.

The latter option has happened in a foreign language version during 1917. This historical incident is recorded as "The Russian Revolution" by Jack Reed of Portland Oregon, the Communist revolutionary writer noted above, who observed the Bolshevik (minority socialist) revolution unfold on the streets of St. Petersburg, the capital city of the vast Russian Empire. This beautiful city on the Baltic and government center for the new Russian Republic became the decisive battlefield in the revolution. The lesson learned from Reed's most famous book is that the Communist Putsch of "Red October 1917" and the seizure of the new Russian Republic was not inevitable, but the logical result of the decisions made by Russian Freedom Fighters and leaders in short lived Russian Republic like Kerensky.

What will be outcome of this ongoing revolution in America? This writer can see great power in the neo-communist American Internationalist Left, which dominates the federal government by means of a million plus strong bureaucracy and Democrat political organization, the labor unions, academia and media. This "Communist Bloc" of minority parasites are opposed by the powerful producers of U.S. Armed Forces, law enforcement, capitalists and the majority of Americans, many of whom are members of the opposition revolutionary Tea Party Movement, who believe they are the lawful owners of the American Republic.

The title of the play?

"The American Revolution Meets The Russian Revolution"

There Will Be Blood

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