Sunday, May 28, 2017



paul scott said...

Ron, to give you somw idea how valuable your blog, and the alt-right communications are.
This time two years ago I would have known nothing of the political affilaitions and propaganda of these MSM people. There must be tens of thousands like me.
For instance the Arkancide of Seth Rich was pretty well established by writers to the soft cenre right blog 'Kiwiblog' yesterday. You guys can take a lot of credit for helping Nationhood to re-appear. I hear the global traitor Merkel is moaning away today .

Ronald Barbour said...

@Paul: I'm glad to see you have discovered the real news! Did you know that a solid majority of American do not believe anything the Leftist Media says. The proof is the fact that Trump's approval numbers have not gone down after their Holocaust of lies. I'm glad Americans have been joined by millions of people all over the world who are joining the ranks of the informed every single day. I know my blog has readers all over the world - even in China and Russia.