Friday, May 26, 2017


President Donald Trump is reported to be gearing up for long battles over the Russia investigations and sabotaging leaks from ...


paul scott said...

Off subject Ron. I just reaalised about the Trump son in law ' Kushner'
Trump is the Emperor right ? =yes
Emperor's [especially older Emoeror's ] need to provide for succession.? =yes
Kushner will after Trump > Senator > build up for Presidency
Continuation of the Trump type Government.
At present Kushner is being groomed / Watch the Democrats pour the fuel on

Ronald Barbour said...

I think you are very likely right about Kushner being the "heir apparent" - but the larger picture is the Leftist Media making up stories and posting them as proven fact, which this last one is a classic example.

BTW, the endgame for this trashing of Trump and his staffers is literally falling on deaf ears - a recent study - an objective study - says that 80% of Trump supporters don't believe anything coming from the Big Media - as do 53% of Democrats - making a clear majority of American getting their news and opinion by way of the Internet.

Bottom Line: Trump keeps his supporters and voters - his base.

The Left increasingly is being left with only one option: violence.