Sunday, May 28, 2017


A strange twist:

Christian murders two Islam Enablers in Portland, Oregon over hijab wearing Muslim female – Portland is the most far Left city in America – and wounds another....

Yes, I had to re-read the article several times.

Terrorism against Islam in America?

Perhaps an idea whose time has come?

If the government won’t protect the public from Islamic terrorism, then WE BECOME THE TERROR?

Making threats of violence against hijab wearing female Muslims and killing their allies in public are criminal actions, but the murder and wounding of over 100 people in Manchester, England is mass murder by Muslims.

The handwriting is on the wall: Muslims get your act together or expect more acts of terrorism against your persons and property.

The suspect, Jeremy Joseph Christian, 35, has a history of posting white supremacist views on Facebook.

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paul scott said...

yep, its a civil war, no shote fired yet but ..