Sunday, January 21, 2018


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Hi Ron-

Hope you’re doing well. HQ is doing a review of your file since this is the 20th anniversary of your release from prison. I think I have most of the information they need, except two things I could use your help on.

1.       Are you currently seeing a mental health professional or counseling of any kind?

2.       Are you taking any prescribed medication for mental health?

I realize you can tell me where to go with these questions, but I’m hoping that your answers coupled with the stability you have demonstrated since you’ve been in Seattle will be persuasive to those higher up.

Thanks Ron.

SS Agent R_

US Secret Service

Seattle Field Office

2101 4th Ave. Suite 1600

Seattle, WA 98121



In reference to Question One that I consider insulting - IT WAS THE SECRET SERVICE WHO PUT PRESSURE ON THE PSYCH DOCTORS AT FCI BUTNER, NC TO COME UP WITH THE BOGUS FINDING THAT I SUFFERED FROM Bi-POLAR DISORDER! In 2003, I forced VA to conduct a complete mental examination - and the psych docs at the VA Hospital in Tampa, Florida found no problems in my mental health.

I can only conclude that the SS - like the Soviet KGB - uses mental health as a weapon against those they want to punish , because, as was explained to me by an expert in the field, this allows your organization to forever keep the SS jackboot on the neck of the suspect, since he is "crazy" - and it fits the profile the SS has spent millions of dollars creating out of whole cloth to oppress those individuals they deem to be a "presidential threat"...You know this - I mean - you are in the belly of the beast! An alleged assassin must be "insane"....Right? 

The entire mental health farce is designed as a tool of police state oppression - and my contention is that you SS people have learned much from the secret police organizations in the former East Germany, the Soviet Union and Red China.

Question Two: I stopped taking the medication Depakote after my release from prison in 1998. I kept this information from my parole officer and the fruit loop of a VA psych doc I was assigned for three years, who never ordered a blood test to insure I was taking the meds that he sent in the mail, which were thrown away as soon as they arrived. Depakote is usually given as an anti-seizure medication for heart attack patients. I only played along with the mental health game because taking a harmless medication like Depakote rated me a bottom bunk in the Federal GULAG, which I know sounds petty, but when you’re a middle age man like I was during my voyage to six federal prisons -  climbing up and down from a top bunk like a child gets real old, real fast.

I think the SS has much to answer for in my illegal arrest and imprisonment – and in playing the mental health card against an obviously sane, educated and rational individual with an above average I.Q. such as myself added insult to injury.

In conclusion, I think the actions of the U.S. Secret Service in “The USA vs. Barbour” more than merit an investigation of those individuals high in the U.S. Government during 1994 who ordered this very expensive witch hunt against a loyal American decorated veteran – and I am in the process of putting together a request for a Presidential Pardon that will name former President Bill Clinton and then SS Director Ron Noble as the authors of the Barbour Witch Hunt.

There is no time limit in filing treason charges.

Sincerely, Ronald Barbour



paul scott said...

Unreal Ron. These people have an office just around the road from you, and half the population of Seattle are traitor Antifa zombies. God the USA is sick Ron, the main thing is you seem fit and well, able to handle the weirdos like this who come at you.
They seemed to have a handle on your rights as a citizen, so that's good.

A lot of Bi-Polar diagnoses made in the nineties onward were bogus, including here in NZ. I see the mad Psychiatrist never Trumpers are thinking of new and bizarre conditions to label him with.
The Internet is our friend, the tables have already turned and what happened to you is less likely to happen to others.
I think most of it was that wicked neighbour you had and then the Secret service take high level measures, which soon lose all baisis of actuality and reality.

paul scott said...

Another thing Ron. If ever there was an evil family facing the consequences it is the Clintons. That does not bring back all their victims of course.

paul scott said...

Ron, third comment here. The writer of that letter seemed quite sympathetic in a way.

Ronald Barbour said...

What happened in 1994 is quite clear - especially to those who have studied the Clintons - they used their willing lackeys in the U.S. Secret Service (SS) to frame me for political reasons and to send a message to their opponents. I suppose I'm one of the lucky ones, because if the Clinton critics are right - over 100 people have been murdered on their orders.

This is not to let the SS off the hook - they are dominated by a Leftist leadership that goes after Rightist white males like gang busters, even if they have to make up evidence to secure convictions, while at the same time ignoring numerous death threats made by Leftists against Rightist presidents like Bush and Trump.

Anyhow, thanks for your support and making comments on my blog!