Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Austin Terror Bomber Mark Anthony Conditt DEMOCRAT PARTY ACTIVIST!

Austin Terror Bomber Mark Anthony Conditt. I.D. BY NEWS SOURCE AS Registered Democrat voter, Hillary Clinton supporter and DEMOCRAT PARTY ACTIVIST!

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Rocky Bixby said...

"My name is Mark Conditt. I enjoy cycling, parkour, tennis, reading, and listening to music. I am not that politically inclined. I view myself as a conservative, but I don’t think I have enough information to defend my stance as well as it should be defended. The reasons I am taking this class is because I want to understand the US government, and I hope that it will help me clarify my stance, and then defend it.”

That’s the opening of a blog that appears in the name of Mark Anthony Conditt, now named by NBC News as the Austin bombing suspect. The blog is called “Defining My Stance” and links to classmates’ blogs."