Thursday, March 29, 2018


Frank Barone
My friend Ellen Stoever here on FB was sent AGAIN to FB jail, as have I many times. FB is out of control. The liberal worms that run this dump make me sick!! They mean to shut down every conservative voice out here! Here is Ellen's voice from banishment via email. She is a great American. This liberal censorship must stop! Fb
"Hi Frank,
Thanks for reaching out to me.
This idea of jailing us for speaking out minds has got to stop..I mean seriously...
I am Jewish, I am a Conservative & I am a Trump supporter & I am being targeted..they went back to 6/27/2017 to find a repost where whoever wrote the article called Obama names..I mean really.
Antisemites like Louis Farakahan call Jews the worst of names & never get censored..& there are hate groups on FB who target people for a variety of reasons so the idea of violating FB community standards is ridiculous...what community standards? What standards?
Okay..thanks for listening as I rant.
30 days is insane with no use of Messenger, No posts. No likes..this sux!!
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Helen Duran I know the drill! My husband said one word about the illegals and he was put in facebook jail for 30 days! Yes 30 days is insane with no use of Messenger, No posts. No likes..this sux!!" By the way, Mondo, my husband was born in Mexico and became a citizen and joined the Marines! I guess facebook hates Marines too!Manage

Frank Barone A Gunny....the backbone of the Marine Corps!! Thanks Mondo...many times I'm sorry I didn't stay in and make it a career. My wife and I have already decided that in our "next life time" we're going to be a Marine family stationed aboard an aircraft ...See More

Kathy Garrett I just got out of a 90 day ban. They went back four years ago and found things they now don't like. I did write to them and told them those OLD post were fine before what was change now.. could it be their trigger word TRUMP is president and not the old evil one.

Ronald Barbour Three days in FB jail for a picture I posted three years ago!
Denise Judd We need a conservative or at least first amendment embracing social media site.
Ronald Barbour Facebook is on a JIHAD against all us American Patriots: I recently was put in Facebook jail for a picture I posted of Michelle Obama with the Joan Rivers quotation on the picture that called her/him? a tyranny.

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Unknown said...

How about treating FaceBook the way Bell Telephone and Standard Oil were treated? Declare it to be a monopoly and break it up under antitrust legislation still on the books.