Saturday, June 16, 2018


This is what draining the swamp looks like:
Erdogan has arrested almost 50,000 people since the coup against him was uncovered.
He dismissed 2,745 judges THE NEXT DAY.
10,732 Police Officers-ARRESTED
10,012 Military (including 178 generals)-ARRESTED
81,494 Federal Apparatchiks-FIRED
42,767 people in the Ministry of Education including 21,738 suspended government workers and 21,029 public staff education members
8,777 Ministry of Interior personnel
2,745 judges and prosecutors have been listed for detention
3,000 soldiers — including 87 generals
1,577 university deans have been asked to resign
1,389 military personnel from the Turkish Armed Forces
3,672 officials removed in the Presidency of Religious Affairs
673 staff members at the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Stockbreeding
599 officials from the Family and Social Policies Ministry
560 Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology personnel
529 Ministry of Transportation officials
500 officials at the Ministry of Finance
300 Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources staff
300 TRT employees
257 officials removed from duty in the Prime Minister’s Office
265 Ministry of Youth and Sports workers
262 military judges and prosecutors
221 officials Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs
211 Turkish Airlines contracts have been terminated
184 Ministry of Customs and Commerce officials
180 Ministry of Labor and Social Security personnel
167 staff members at the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation
110 Ministry of Culture and Tourism employees
100 Turkish intelligence service personnel
86 people removed at the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency
86 staff dismissed at Ministry of Foreign Affairs including removal of Central Ambassadors Gurcan Balik and Tuncay Babali
82 Development Ministry workers
51 people at the Istanbul Stock Exchange while 36 have been terminated at the Capital Market Council
36 Energy Market Regulatory employees
29 Radio and Television Supreme Council workers
22 employees at the Housing Development Administration of Turkey
21 Turkish Statistical Institute workers
15 Ministry of Economy staff members
2 general directors, 1 deputy director general, and 5 department heads at Treasury
2,708 reporters-FIRED
179 Media Outlets-SHUT DOWN
Even after all of the crimes the Clintons committed, the impeachment, the disbarment, the mass murder in Serbia, the influence peddling and bribery at the Clinton Foundation, etc., they won a majority of the votes last election day.
The KLINTOONS would be BACK in the WH and in CHARGE of this corrupt banana republic, only one man could stop them, a man named Trump.
Obama and his communist mafia committed treason at the highest levels, actively working to dismantle the US military and give our enemies nuclear weapons.
The Obama Clinton crime families are still obstructing justice with the full weight of the executive branch agencies and media supporting them.
This fantasy that the criminals in government will be taken down from within using the legal system is childish and embarrassingly naive.
History clearly shows that only a military supported purge which includes mass arrests, imprisonments, seizing of assets, and executions will put a dent in these still currently untouchable bastards.
I sincerely think Trump doesn’t have the stones to take the next step.
Time is wasting away, less that 150 days until the GOP loses the House, and then Trump is impeached.
THAT is what “Draining the Swamp” looks like.”
All I see is all talk and no action.

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