Friday, October 18, 2019


As Seattle heads into a November election that pits business-backed candidates against a set advocating more left-leaning policies, the current city council is significantly less popular than Mayor Jenny Durkan, according to a new Crosscut/Elway Poll. More than two-thirds of likely voters said they want candidates elected who will take the council in a new direction.
In a survey of 432 Seattle likely voters, just 27% said they believed the council was doing a “good” or “excellent” job. Forty percent said the council was doing “only fair,” while 29% described the body’s performance as “poor.”
In the first publicly released survey of Durkan’s performance since she was elected nearly two years ago, 48% of respondents said she was doing a “good” or “excellent” job, while 33% said she was doing “only fair.” Fifteen percent said her performance has been “poor.”
Voters’ number one issue is homelessness, by a wide margin: 53% said it was the most important. Housing density was second, with 17%.
And it appears it’s the city’s response to a yearslong rise in homelessness that’s dragging the council down. While city government received about 50% or better approval ratings on a range of issues, including transportation and police reform, just 30% of those surveyed said they approved of the council’s direction on homelessness.

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