Saturday, September 18, 2021

...Now even those who lack common sense....


Now even those who lack the sense,

Considered once quite common,

Can see by means of EVIdence,

The treason of the Fallen,

But, “FISA works both ways”, wrote Q,

You’ve been surveilled by White Hats,

They LET you do what traitors do,

Now Durham’s up to bat,

They LET you lie about the germ,

They LET you shut us down,

It took a while for us to learn,

This show’s been run by clowns*,

They LET you steal the vote and “win”,

We had to SEE you do it,

So when indictments would begin,

We wouldn’t misconstrue it,

We HAD to watch as black-robed rats,

Put matches to the law,

They just kept sitting on their hands -

Barrett and Kavanaugh,

We HAD to smell the FBI,

And watch the DO”J”,

We HAD to hear those weasels lie,

To Congress – to our face!

The Soros-funded media,

And prepaid streetwise thugs,

Tried hard to goad us to a fight,

Masks hiding cowards’ mugs,

Don did it right, you know, by law,

When foreign’rs interfered,

A governance Republic,

Requires consequence severe,

So, way ahead he signed it -

The Insurrection Act,

And let the Deep State play this out,

Knowing he had the facts,

(That’s ALL the facts, I mean THAT too,

From Epstein to Podesta,

The Clintons and their Haiti crews,

And Hollywood and Oprah),

For Breitbart, Babitt, Scalia,

McAfee and the Shermans**,

We’re begging for indictments now,


The biggest Sting in history,

Not this time REVolution,

Thanks to heroic military,

Welcome to DEVolution. ***

--Elva Nelson

*slang for CIA

** Murdered for their Hydroxychloroquin mfg co

***Temporary decentralized power

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